Innovative Energy Solutions


En3 having worked with geothermal heat pumps and geothermal HVAC systems designs, is well conversant with the benefits and viability of these innovative systems for projects and start with detailed feasibility studies to ascertain practically and viability of geothermal and ground source based systems for projects based on geographies, soil and climatic conditions and project typologies and our panel of experts would be happy to provide valuable guidance and inputs to projects at design stage and also help in energy simulation and calculations to enable projects take benefit through the energy simulation activities for green projects.

Thermal Storage Systems

En3’s team having been involved in India’s largest thermal storage system design and implementation since 2001 and are well conversant with the system design and calculations, benefits and limitations and have done several projects across India using different ice storage systems and benefitted from the same.

Radiant Cooling and Chilled Beam Systems

En3 has experience working with these innovative and energy efficient technologies and have used the same in some projects as well as due diligence studies for clients. One of our LEED platinum rated factory buildings in India has been designed using state of the art chilled beam systems coupled with DOAS units to achieve better energy performance as well as improved indoor air quality. We would be happy to assist clients to evaluate and understand these systems along with detailed cost benefit studies to enable them to embrace innovative technologies while keeping initial and operating costs in mind.

Earth Air Tunnel

Earth air tunnel systems and unique and are really energy efficient and can really help projects achieve higher levels of energy performance especially in certain geographies where the climatic conditions and soil conditions support the same. En3 has worked with few earth air systems for certain applications such as heating for schools in cold climate zones, precooling of air in certain hot and dry conditions among others. Our group of experts will bring in their technical knowledge and know-how to help projects review and evaluate such systems and also help in designing the system with appropriate precautions to ensure long term sustainability

Evaporative Cooling Systems

En3 has tremendous experience working with different evaporative cooling systems ranging from single stage to direct-indirect evaporating systems to even 3-mode specially designed systems that will work on free cooling, evaporating cooling and air-conditioning depending on the outdoor temperature and humidity conditions to maximize energy efficiency and reduce loads. Many of these systems have been used successfully by us in many LEED Platinum and Gold rated projects as well as GRIHA 5 Star rated projects.

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