Net Zero Energy Buildings

En3 has been closely involved with Net Zero Energy buildings and concepts for many years and was instrumental in designing one of the first Net Zero Energy Buildings in India in 2012 for Sun Carrier Omega Systems. With vast experience in energy analysis and simulations and many decades of experience in HVAC and MEP designs and innovations, En3 utilizes its rich knowledge and learning to help clients reduce their energy use in a methodical manner and finally supplement with onsite renewable energy sources to achieve Net Zero energy status.


Our approach for Net-zero energy is to incorporate passive and active design improvements to reduce the building’s overall energy use by more than 60-70% compared to conventional and typical buildings and then supplement the 30-40% energy requirement through on site solar and other viable renewable energy strategies.

Our approach to the energy problem is to help clients and projects with innovative yet practical solutions that will help them reduce their energy requirements, help them monitor their building use closely and take control of their energy consumption through smart networks and metering solutions and ensure long-term energy security and compliance.

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