En3 has been specializing in high performance sustainable design, engineering & green building certification and is currently consulting for over 500 projects and 225 million square feet of green buildings and other sustainability related services in Asia, Middle-east, Europe, America and Africa. With a vast range of experience and with our directors being ASHRAE Fellow and LEED Fellow, En3 has been recognized by USGBC for its expertise in sustainability, green buildings and LEED certification.

Apart from just green building certification, we En3 also works closely with The World Bank Group to help incorporate sustainable design and green specifications for all their buildings world over in addition to helping them with sustainability training. En3 has also been working with International Code Council (ICC) in the U.S. for many of their green and sustainability initiatives. ICC as you may be aware is the national building standards and code body and the developers of the International Building Codes (IBC codes). En3 has been working very closely with their division ICC Evaluation Service Inc. which is involved in the evaluation of building materials, components, products and systems. En3 were their technical consultants for developing the recently launched green product evaluation and certification program - SAVE (Sustainability Attribute Verification and Evaluation) a first of its kind in the world which has now become their Environmental Product Declaration Program. En3 has also worked closely with ICC for incorporating sustainability requirements for the upcoming Abu Dhabi building code in the UAE. En3 is also a sustainability consultant for International Accreditation Service Inc. (IAS) and has been helping them set up an Accreditation Program for Commissioning Training and Certification Agencies.

En3’s director Ms. Deepa Sathiaram has been involved with several initiatives of USGBC including being part of the LEED International Working Group, LEED Fellows Evaluation committee, LEED on-site assessment working group among others and is an advisor for USGBC for LEED and other GBCI initiatives in India and the Asia Middle East region.

En3 is proud to have worked on:

  • Over 250+ LEED certified projects
  • Over 50+ LEED Platinum certified and 170+ LEED Gold certified projects
  • Winner of 2 “LEED Earth Awards” from USGBC
  • India’s 1st Net Zero Energy Building
  • India’s 1st Carbon Neutral Project
  • India’s 1st WELL Building Project*

We are proud to have worked with several large multi-nationals and corporate organizations and have so far done LEED consulting in over 72 cities across the world and several countries including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia in Asia, the whole of the Middle East including UAE – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain etc. and many parts of Africa including South Sudan, Kenya, Senegal among others.

Our strengths include the following:

  • Excellent technical expertise in green buildings and sustainability including vast technical knowledge on various MEP systems being headed by one of our directors Mr. N. Vaidyanathan an ASHRAE Fellow
  • Good understanding of LEED and other green building ratings having been associated with LEED since 2003 and having worked on India’s 2nd LEED building, piloted the LEED Core and Shell rating for USGBC in India in 2004, consulted for India’s 1st LEED platinum commercial interiors etc. Our LEED efforts are driven by one of our directors Ms. Deepa Sathiaram who is a LEED Fellow (Class of 2013) and works closely with various USGBC/GBCI initiatives
  • Vast experience in on-site testing activities including building systems commissioning activities, IAQ testing and performance verification services with these efforts being driven by another of our directors Mr. Sathiaram Ram who is an ISO 17025 and ISO 17020 accredited assessor
  • Excellent understanding of LEED and green buildings which can be seen through our various education efforts being led by our director Mr. Karthik Narayan. As one of the few USGBC Approved Education Partners in India, En3 has been spearheading various green education activities for USGBC in India since 2014
  • Experience with all LEED project types
  • Experience with integrated design, design build and fast track projects
  • Experience with energy modelling and simulations including daylighting simulations, low tech passive design strategies modelling, computational fluid dynamics modelling etc.
  • Collaboration success with various entities and project teams
  • LEED online documentation, certification review and coordination with USGBC for various LEED projects
  • Diverse background and expertise of staff

En3’s strengths, experience, and processes are well-matched to deliver the desired Consultant Services listed in the RFP as well as supplemental services for the greatest impact on project and community quality of life.

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